SZUSTOW. supports internal communication of teams based on innovative methods of building diverse and strong communities.




Intimacy Coordination for Film, Theatre & TV

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Crisis Coaching for Organizations

  • Crisis communication
  • Recognizing the needs of the parties, mediation between the parties
  • Defining values and strategic goals in the facilitation process
  • Maintaining the crisis solving process
  • Creating a safe space based on non-violent communication, inclusive language, clarity of the goals



Life & Career Coaching for Creatives

  • Individual sessions for all artists working in the film, theater, art, music, performance, contemporary dance, ballet, literature
  • Comprehensive supports in naming and achieving a specific personal or professional goals by providing innovative methods.


Trainings and Workshops

Enhancing professional competence in areas such as:
  • Organization’s culture based on diversity & inclusion
  • Consent in creative process
  • Non-violent communication – an effective team work
  • Organization's DNA


Internal Communication

  • Creation of organizational culture based on team shared values
  • Streamlining communication channels (analysis of structures and relations within the team, audit of tools)
  • Supporting teams in crisis situations and planned changes